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Video game news, retro gaming and the occasional goof! The Console Crusade Podcast is hosted by EJ Olson and Nick Durheim, uploaded every Wednesday.

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    Ep. 52: Tempered Expectations (2019 Edition)

    It's that time of year again! That special time when Nick and EJ need to bank an episode because of medical stuff. Hopefully nothing cool or important happened recently! In the meantime, check out these video games we anticipate in the coming year.

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    Ep. 51: Metroid: Exodus

    Metroid Prime 4 got killed and resurrected, Dragon Ball Z has a new game that might be bunk, Metro Exodus joins the exodus to the Epic Games Store and leaves Steam in the dust, and the NPD has posted stats for the best selling games and consoles for the year of 2018.

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    Ep. 50: Fear the Dark Side

    Join Nick and EJ as they stumble through the misty bogs of history on this momentous 50th episode. Who knew they could stick with it this long!? Be prepared to hear some dusty old anecdotes and EXCLUSIVE behind-the-scenes commentary! Then EJ gets really worked up about Star Wars and Nick is his usual disenfranchised self.

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    Ep. 49: Destined for SNES Magic

    This week on another thrilling edition of the Console Crusade podcast: Hot Insight on the Bungie / Activision divorce and the fate of Destiny, Randy Pitchford and his magical tastes, the potential list of SNES games being added to Nintendo's Online subscription, and Ubisoft ditching Steam for the greener pastures at Epic Games Store. Not to mention a small update as EJ keeps sipping that Spyro juice, and Nick got a puppy! Wow!

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    Ep. 48: Brand New Year, Same Old Boys

    Nick and EJ reconvene to ring in the New Year and talk about all their Christmas Ketchup. We've played some Xenoblade here, a couple Spider-Man DLCs there, and a litany of classic style games. Does EJ remember how to play Civilization? Will Nick obstinately defend bad design decisions with haphazard logic behind financials? Is Super Smash Bros Ultimate a good game??? Guess you'll just have to listen to find out.

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    Ep. 47: Meandering 2019 Update

    EJ is flying solo on this quick one off podcast, but has podcast updates for you all! He also spends ten minutes rambling about nothing. Nick will mercifully return next week!

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    Ep. 46: Game Award Wrap Up

    Our episode titles have grown increasingly mundane, but the takes are as hot as ever. Nick and EJ talk this years Video Game Awards!

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    Ep. 43: Pokey-Man Fever

    Pokemon, Spyro, Sony, E3, and more! (These descriptions sure are getting lazy. huh?)

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