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Video game news, retro games and the occasional goof, hosted by EJ Olson and Nick Durheim.

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    Ep 27: Pre E3 Nonsense with Andrew Chavez

    EJ and Nick are joined once again by the grand gamer Andrew Chavez, and with his help, run through E3 2018 to make some soft "predictions"---because come on, everything has been leaked or teased already.

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    Ep 25: Guests From The Backlog w/ Andrew Chavez

    EJ's traveling for work (still), so here's another episode from the backlog! This week, Andrew Chavez from The Precipice Between Two Hills podcast joins EJ and Nick to talk about money, Jeff Bezos, anime and sometimes video games. Console Crusade GO

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    Ep 23: About Damn Time!

    The boys wanted to get together and (finally) catch up on all of the game news from the past two months, but things didn't quite go as planned (as usual). Console Crusade, GO!

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    Ep 21: Game Awards Predictions

    The boys dive deep and cast their imaginary ballots for 2017's Game Awards. Is it Nintendo's year? Or can Sony and Microsoft make themselves a presence? Listen to Nick and EJ wax over a list of games they've never played!

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    Ep 19: Nintendo Classic Speculation

    The boys talk EA, Star Wars, flippin LOOT BOXES and of course, Nintendo. Let the classic edition speculation begin!

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    The La Croix Boix are back, talking Nintendo Switch, Gamestop and Amazon Retro Zone. EJ and Nick also discuss which franchises they want to come to their beloved Nintendo platform---more games that EJ will never finish!

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